mercredi 9 septembre 2020

Ambitious Beggars - Welcome & Man in A Suit

Four piece indie pop band from Manchester. They released three singles “Man in a Suit“ on Whippet Shed Records in 1987, “Welcome“ on Ugly Man Records in 1989 and “Parallel Universe“ on Firestation Tower Records in 2003. You should listen to the compilation album “Beg ! (Firestation Tower Records / 2001)“ .

マンチェスター出身の四人組インディ・ポップ・バンド。彼らは三枚のシングル“Man in a Suit (Whippet Shed Records / 1987)“ “Welcome (Ugly Man Records /1989)“,  “Parallel Universe (Firestation Tower Records /2003)“ をリリースしました。コンピレーション・アルバム“Beg ! (Firestation Tower Records / 2001)“ も必聴です。

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