lundi 7 septembre 2020

Jo Boxers - Just Got Lucky & Boxerbeat

British new wave group formed in 1982 when former Subway Sect members Rob Marche (guitarist), Dave Collard (keyboardist), Chris Bostock (bassist), and Sean McLusky (drummer) teamed up with American singer Dig Wayne. They released three albums “Like Gangbusters (1983)“ and “Skin and Bone (1985)“ both on RCA Records.

1982年に元Subway SectのメンバーRob Marche (guitarist), Dave Collard (keyboardist), Chris Bostock (bassist), Sean McLusky (drummer)がアメリカのシンガーDig Wayneと組んで結成されたイギリスのニュー・ウエイブ・バンド。彼らは二枚のアルバム“Like Gangbusters (1983)“ と“Skin and Bone (1985)“ を両者ともRCA Recordsからリリースしました。

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