mercredi 15 juillet 2020

Makin' Time - Here is My Number & Pump it Up

British band from West Midlands. They signed to the Countdown Records and were part of the mod revival scene of the 80's. They were named after Makin' Time a song by The Creation. The band consisted of Mark McGounden (vocals/guitar), Fay Hallam (organ/vocals), Martin Blint (bass) and Neil Clitheroe (drums). They released the debut single "Here Is My Number" and the debut album "Rhythm and Soul" in 1985. After they split up Blunt went on to perform in The Charlatans, Hallam joined Prime Movers and Phaze, moved into a solo career. McGounden formed The Upper Fifth and Deep Six.

West Midlands出身のブリティッシュ・バンド。Countdown Recordsと契約、80年代のモッド・リバイバルの一部となりました。Makin' Timeというバンド名はThe Creationの曲から名付けられ、バンドはMark McGounden (ボーカル / ギター), Fay Hallam (オルガン / ボーカル), Martin Blint (ベース), Neil Clitheroe (ドラム)でした。彼らはデビュー・シングル "Here Is My Number" とデビュー・アルバム"Rhythm and Soul"を1985年にリリース。解散後BluntはThe Charlatansでプレイし、HallamはPrime Movers~Phazeへ加入~ ソロへ転向、 McGoundenはThe Upper Fifth~Deep Sixを結成しました。

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