lundi 13 juillet 2020

The Starlets - Give My Regards to My Betty Ford & Hypercool

Indie pop band from Glasgow, led by Biff Smith, Lain White and Nigel Baillie (Camera Obscura). They released three albums "Surely Tomorrow You'll Feel Blue (2001)" & "Out into The Days from Here (2008)" both on Stereotone Records, and "Further into Night Forever (2003)" on SL Records. You should listen to the compilation "Lost and Early Songs" on Japanese Fastcut Records in 2008.

Biff Smith, Lain White, Nigel Baillie (Camera Obscura)によってグラスゴーで結成。彼らは三枚のアルバム…Stereotone Recordsから "Surely Tomorrow You'll Feel Blue (2001)" と"Out into The Days from Here (2008)" を、SL Recordsから"Further into Night Forever (2003)"をリリースしました。日本のFastcut Recordsが2008年にリリースしたコンピレーション "Lost and Early Songs"も必聴です。

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