mercredi 15 juillet 2020

Tracie - Far from the Hurting Kind & Give it Some Emotion

Born in Derby in 1965,  Tracey Young was discovered by The Jam frontman Paul Weller. She signed to his own label Respond Records. She joined as a back vocalist  for The Jam's final single "Beat Surrender" as well as The Style Council's first single "Speak Like a Child". Also she toured with The Style Council and had UK hit singles  "The House That Jack Built" and  "Give it Some Emotion" in 1983. Her debut album "Far from the Hurting Kind" was released in 1984 under the name Tracie.  Weller produced and backed the record and wrote some of the songs and Elvis Costello wrote the song "(I Love You) When You Sleep" for her. Then she signed to Polydor Records but the second album "No Smoke Without Fire", was never released by them. It was released in 2014 by Cherry Red Records.

1965年Derby生まれのTracey Youngは、The JamのフロントマンPaul Wellerによって発掘されました。彼自身のレーベルRespond Recordsと契約し、 The Jamのラスト・シングル "Beat Surrender" やThe Style Councilのファースト・シングル "Speak Like a Child"のバック・ボーカルを務めました。また1983年には、The Style Councilのツアーに同行し、UKヒット・シングル "The House That Jack Built"と"Give it Some Emotion"をリリース。デビュー・アルバム "Far from the Hurting Kind"は1984年にTracie名義でリリースされました。  Wellerがプロデュースしレコーディングと作曲も何曲か行い、Elvis Costelloは彼女のために"(I Love You) When You Sleep"を提供。 Polydor Recordsと契約しましたが、セカンド・アルバム"No Smoke Without Fire"はお蔵入りとなり、2014年に Cherry Red Recordsによって発売されました。

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