lundi 13 juillet 2020

The Embassy - Make Me Sad & Information

Formed in Gothenburg Sweden in 1999, consists of Fredrik Lindson (vocals) and Torbjörn Håkansson (keys and mixing). They signed to Service Records and released the debut album "Futile Crimes (2002)" and the second album "Tacking (2005)". Then they signed to International Records and released two albums "Sweet Sensation (2013)" and "White Lake (2008)". They covered Vic Godard "Make Me Sad"(The Pointer EP / 2002).

、Fredrik Lindson (vocals)とTorbjörn Håkansson (keys and mixing)によって結成。彼らはService Recordsと契約しデビュー・アルバム"Futile Crimes (2002)" ~セカンド・アルバム"Tacking (2005)"をリリースしました。その後International Recordsと契約し二枚のアルバムSweet Sensation (2013)" と"White Lake (2008)"を発表。Vic Godard "Make Me Sad"(The Pointer EP / 2002に収録)のカバーをやりました。

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