mercredi 11 novembre 2020

Avocadoclub - Girls Use Deodorant These Days

German indie rock / pop band from Berlin led by Martin Petersdorf (Blochin 81). They released two singles "Girls Use Deodorant These Days (1999)" and "Too Much Space To Walk Away (2002)" both on  Firestation Tower Records. Their album "Everybody's Wrong" was released on Firestation Records in 2006.

ドイツはベルリンのインディ・ロック・ポップ・バンドでMartin Petersdorf (Blochin 81)によって結成。彼らは二枚のシングル"Girls Use Deodorant These Days (1999)"と "Too Much Space To Walk Away (2002)" をFirestation Tower Recordsからリリースしました。アルバム"Everybody's Wrong" はFirestation Recordsから2006年に発売。

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